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Metabolite Identification Scientist
Company Takeda Oncology
Location Cambridge, MA
Job Title
Metabolite Identification Scientist

  General Summary  
The DMPK department at Takeda, Cambridge, MA is seeking a highly motivated Scientist to join the Drug Metabolims group. The primary responsibilities will be profiling and characterization of metabolites (small molecules)/catabolites (ADCs) from complex biological matrices. A strong background in delineating biotransformation pathways and structural elucidation by LC-MS is required. A successful candidate should be able to exhibit strong communication and interpersonal skills and desire to work in a fast-paced, flexible and dynamic environment. Experience with in vivo preclinical and clinical ADME studies and understanding of clearance route, mechanism and the role of metabolism will is essential. 
The position level will depend on the the level of experience in the relevant areas.

  Duties and Responsibilities  
  1. Proficiency in LC-MS method development for separation and structural identification of multiple metabolites.
  2. Hands on experience in operation, maintenance & trouble shooting of LC-MS instruments of multiple vendors (Sciex/Thermo)
  3. Conduct in vitro drug metabolism studies, e.g metabolic stability of small molecules and payload release assays of ADCs.
  4. Conduct non-radio-labeled and radio-labeled metabolite profiling experiments from in vitro and in vivo studies (including pre-clinical and clinical mass balance studies).
  5. Good understanding of organic/structural elucidation chemistry and xenobiotic metabolism
  6. Ability to work independently, design experiments and report data in written reports and team presentations as required.
  7. Maintain accurate records

  • Applicants should possess a PhD or Masters in Organic/Analytical/Natural Products Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences with 3+ (PhD) or 7+ years (Masters) of pharmaceutical industry experience.  
  • Prior experience with HPLC and LC-MS are required. Familiarity with AB Sciex and/or Thermo Orbitrap high resolution mass spectrometry instruments and metabolite identification is required.
  • Experience in utilizing radio-labeled material and handling human cell lines would be preferred.
  • The candidate must be able to analyze data and note significant deviations and maintain detailed, accurate and comprehensible study documentation.
  • The individual is also expected to be highly organized, a team player, enthusiastic about drug discovery, and possess strong communication skills.
  • Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals are required.
Interested candidates, please send your resume to: